It took a 6m swell for this wave to break but I finally got to experience it for 2 hours before she vanished in true Baltic fashion… Due to the kind nature of the wave, its beauty, its mysteriousness, its lure, it’s intensity, the presence I feel in the lineup, and the few rocks that stick […]


That time you get more than what you prepare for. It was hard to gauge the size from the ski, but my suspicions of being under-gunned were confirmed once I’d bobbed out to the lineup. I also realised that this wave is one of the more incredible ones I’ve ever seen in Scandinavia and I […]


Moving through the islands, Happy to be alive, Good to world class waves on a daily basis, Life altering pits, Welcoming people, Old friends, Delicious cuisine, Motorbikes, Taxis, Traffic, Plastic, Pollution, Corruption, Immense beauty, Power, Sacred lands, Longing, Missing, Indonesia. Sunset, Lombok. Desert Point. Photo – Thiago Okazuka Desert Point. Photo – Thiago Okazuka The […]