Full story coming soon. For now here’s one of Jeff’s collages from the other day at Klon.


Stuart barnett

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Hey dude what’s up hope all is sweet with you
My name is stu and I’m an Australian bodyboarder living in stockholm I have been searching for fun slabs like the one you have put pics up of And I was hopping that you could let me in on a session one day or give me a few clues as to where it is cos it seams like the kinda thing I am after
I have found a few spots of my own but I’m always looking for the next one the search never ends haha
I can tell you where a few of mine are if your keen to trade spot for spot but I’m sure you know lots better then what I got any way take a look
The one with the pine tree isn’t my pic but I know where it is and what it needs I’m just waiting for it to all fall into place
Anyway hope you score some more pits soon and are keen to surf with a booga who is keen to pull in
Cheers mate

Oh i cant post pocs on this haha hit me up if your keen