Torö // Feb 17th.

I woke up cold… and the thought of surfing didn’t warm me up. Brother Manne turned up in the white liner and we made for Torö… Even though the snow’s been melting and spring is somewhat in the air, the water is at its coldest. I’m usually quite numb to the cold and have no problem getting suited up, but it got to me that day. Luckily Arvid and Miloman came by with the Nord tent + heater so we could change in some kind of warmth.

The water was between 1-2 celcius and it crushed my head with every duckdive. Once out the back you could hear your buddies that were caught by the set houl with brain freeze. I’d laugh but I knew the torture they were going through. Borderline worth it.

It felt amazing to get in the water and the waves were actually really fun… If it were summer, one would call it good to real good for Torö standards. More visuals coming.